Thursday, 17 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Nails

As i'm sure the whole country is aware, this year seems to be the ultimate year where we can really celebrate our Britishness (if that's a word) with a good old cup of tea and a digestive biccie or two. However, as I am one who takes any opportunity I can to adorn the nails, a great friend of mine, Katy, and myself decided to create some jubilee inspired nails. We used the classic british colours, red, white and blue. A much more fun way to celebrate in our eyes! 

This photograph does not to the red nail varnish pictured justice, it is by China Glaze in shade 182 Ruby Pumps. The juicy red colour, paired with the extremely dazzling glitter creates an amazing, dramatic effect. Quality nail varnish which would compliment any evening outfit! 

To see how to master the British flag nail, click here. x

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