Monday, 21 May 2012

How to Master... Ombre Crackle Nails

I have been wanting to try out ombre nails for a while now, and overall, this is the easiest tutorial I have done for this blog! To add some interest to this type of nail, I decided to create a crackle version, which is really easy to do. I was inspired by tropical oranges, pinks and yellows during this tutorial, I think that these shades came from my hatred of the English summertime weather at the moment.

You will need:

- Clear varnish
- Sponge
- Yellow varnish
- Pink varnish
- Barry M Instant Crackle in White

How to:

Remember to paint a layer of clear before you use the yellow, this will prevent your nails from staining! Apply another layer once the crackle is dry, to lock in all layers of nail varnish and prevent the nails from chipping.

The result:

The actual final photograph does not look as great as the nails do in real life, the colours actually compliment each other greatly. You can experiment with other colours and combinations too! How about aqua blue and turquoise with a black crackle over the top, the possibilities really 
are endless! x

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